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Maccabee Panworks has chrome lead and second pans in stock at the Ajaja Music Store, and can usually ship immediately. If you are in the area, we certainly invite you to come and play the pan before purchase.

We also offer handcrafted painted and powder coated pans built to order.

 Chrome 'C' Lead*
 Painted 'C' Lead*
 Chrome Double Seconds*
 Painted Double Seconds*
Chrome Double Guitar Pans*
 Painted Double Guitar Pans*
 Painted Triple Cello Pans*
Painted Quad Tenor Bass** $1,500.00
 Painted Six Bass Pans**
*Includes EMT stand, **Includes wood stand
All pans come with mallets.
 EMT 3 Piece Stand
Double Stand (EMT)
 Painted Adjustable Stand
 Chrome Collapsible Stand
 Triple Cello Stand (EMT)
 Bass Stands (Wood)

 Lead & Seconds
 Guitar & Cello
Mallet tips also available
Economy Case NEW!
Soft Case for guitar/ cello
 Tuning can be done in our shop or I will travel to your location.
 Tuning Service:
  Product & Ordering Information


A 15% deposit is required with order. Balance due prior to delivery. Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Shipping charges will be added at time of delivery. Discounts may be applied for large orders.

Because pans are built to order, delivery time may vary due to order load and size of individual orders. Customer will be given expected delivery time when confirming order.

References will be supplied upon request. Special orders of different note patterns may result in additional charges.

Pan Crafting
and Tuning
Eric has been crafting and tuning pans since 1992. He has learned the art through extensive travel and study in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as an apprenticeship with a craftsman in the U.S.
He is a registered craftsman in the state of New Hampshire, and supplies and maintains pans to schools, communities and individuals throughout the United States.