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A Brief History
of The Steel Pan

The steel drum, or "pan," was developed in the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago.
From the biscuit tin drum of the 1930's, which had only four or five notes, the pan has developed into the full-range "chromatic" family of instruments it is today.
The only family of acoustic instruments developed in the 20th century, the pan has its roots deep in the West African drum tradition and its branches reach to all genres of music today.


So you want to buy
a steel drum?

If you've spent any time researching suppliers, you've come across a variety of stores and websites, and a wide range of prices. Pans can range in price from $600 to $6,000 or more for the higher-end chromed lead pans. Sometimes you will have to wait one, two, even three years to receive your new pan.

Why not go to the source and mail-order a pan from Trinidad? That is definitely an option, but the consistency and quality of craftsmanship, the chroming and the tuning can all very greatly. Worse, it could be damaged in shipping if not packed properly ...
and you can't count on good service
and satisfaction from a panbuilder
3,000 miles away.

Maccabee Panworks
was developed
 to offer a reasonably priced, high quality, custom-built customer oriented option to steel drum fans who are looking to buy.

If you order
a pan from
Maccabee Panworks,
you will not only receive professional, courteous service, but you will receive a written guarantee on your new steel drum. In fact, before it is shipped, the pan is personally inspected and played.

Throughout the process, you will deal only with Maccabee Panworks ... and we'll even give you the first tuning for free!

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